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Rick Deckart
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I will close this thread with one last post, so to whom it may concern...

Over the course of the last days I tested several non-skill lifts which I have not done for months. Below you find my sorta max before and after finishing this modified John Bott squat rehabilitation program focusing on OHS:

Magnitude of transfer:

Lift: old new increase
Deadlift: 140.0kg 152.5kg 8.9%
Partial Deadlift (600mm): 226.0kg 240.0kg 6.2%
Zerchersquat: 110.0kg 120.0kg 9.1%
Situps: 64kg 72kg 12.5%

Well, when I started this experiment I did expect to loose quite a bit of strength but to my surprise moderate weights/high volume did work very well for me. I make no claims that this will work for everybody and my explanation is that I am probably so weak that strenght endurance training does increase my max strength while an elite lifter might experience the exact opposite. Closing I would say that in terms of rate of return this was the most productive routine I ever tried. Lifting well below 62.5kg most of the time and increasing my partial deadlift ~6% is something which is still beyond me but I will take that incease happily.
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