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I have a couple of Power Lift platforms that have a narrower center piece and the overall width is narrower ~7.5'. I built two more platforms by using 4 sheets of 3/4"x4'x8' OSB (Orient Strand Board), overlapping crisscross screwed together ~every square foot with a 3/4"x4'x8' sheet of AC plywood in the center, screwed around the perimeter. I drove 1/2 hour to get a couple of 3/4"x4'x8' stall mats from a livestock supply company, which I cut in half using a stanley knife and a very long straight-edge that I borrowed, and screwed them on around the outside edges of the platform. The rubber actually cuts very nicely, but it takes quite a few strokes to get through 3/4". Total cost for each platform was ~$155.00. I happen to like the wider platforms over the Power Lift dimensions. Of course, your other option is to go with a 6'x8' platform. I have only lifted on 8'x8' platforms, so I might feel a little cramped on a 6'x8'.
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