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sounds like an ezekial, nogi clock choke, a darce variation, or a neck crank. i'd have to see it to actually know.

i wouldn't used the words "i made ____ up." blackbelts will laugh at you and either point out that it's either been done before or it's crap. whenever i ask a high level guy something like that, i phrase it as "i've been playing around with something. do you think it's credible?" I ask it like this because i am always under the assumption that somebody has done it before, and the only reason that i haven't seen something like it before is because there's some terrible flaw in it and thus nobody teaches it.

yesterday i actually heard a funny story about something like this. one of our main blackbelts gave a private lesson to some guys who do backyard grappling. he had some ridiculous position called the half lotus guard (like the yoga position?) it looked kinda like you would play x-guard on one ankle and wrap both hands around that same ankle as well. apparently his friends couldn't get out of it (of course). the blackbelt said, "ok, i'm going to give you 10 minutes to first see if you can even get me in it."

after 10 minutes of futile attempts, the blackbelt told him that the guard was shit, you couldn't get to it, if he got there, he couldn't do anything from there, and in the rare case that the guy got it, the only thing he had to do to pass it was push the knee open.

random anecdote, but it's just a funny story.
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