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Kevin Perry
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Ok thanks for the insight, I did some extra things today similar to how you structured it but I added dips per Wendler's write up. I'm not doing the press part in boring but big because it kills my shoulder so i put dips, they don't bother them as much.


Press: 45 x 10, 45 x 8, 65 x 6, 85 x 5, 100 x 3, 110 x 12
Dips: 5 x 15
Chins: 30 ( played w/ different variations)

DB Incline: 40 x 5 x 10
T-Bar Row: 115 x 5 x 10
Ez-bar curls: 55 x 3 x 8

None of this felt like too much, I had plenty of energy today but wether it is structured fairly well or not I don't know. I tried to balance it, I look into the curl program you mentioned because I've never really focused on curls before and I'm not certain what the best way to do them are.

My traps tend to grow from the main lifts just fine so I don't think i'll do any trap work. My arms and chest are simply the most stubborn ones.
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