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JLO...i am an ex prison guard and what you say about size in the cops is correct, as it was in my profession too..size = fear = respect...i would defo go with full fat GOMAD, but throw in some chocolate milk for post workout as it is the perfect carbs/ fat/ protein ratio for recovery...i drink a litre (we are metric in ireland) of choc milk PWO and it gives me 1000 cals in one go and it is down my throat inside 5 mins of finishing my workout!! also eat plenty of meat, eggs, fish, fruit, veg and nuts, but as long as you do GOMAD, you will see instant others have said, stay away from the girly machines and isolation exercises and do the mens lifts i.e. back and front squats, deads, press, bench press and power cleans...starrs 5 x 5 or ripps 3 x 5 are proven programs...finally, good luck with whatever career you choose...firefighting and police are honourable careers...

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