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i live in northern ireland so things are more expensive for us ( 1.15 per LITRE {thats over $8 per gallon} for petrol)..luckily, i don't drink petrol, only because its not paleo, i just sniff it when i get bored!! anyhow, i eat 6-8 eggs per day, steak (sirloin/ ribeye), mince (pork/ beef/ lamb) chicken, fish (mackeral/ salmon/ trout) fruit veg nuts seeds and maybe 1/2 gallon of raw goats milk with a couple pints of choc milk PWO (i know that gear is not paleo but it is THE best muscle builder IME)...maybe 3500 cal p/d...girlfriend eats the same as me minus the milk @ approx 2500 cal p/d..costs us 130p/w..whats that, maybe $190-$200 p/w...

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