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Originally Posted by Collin O'Neill View Post
I was ready to jump on your first post, because no where in it did personal responsibility and accountability come into the mix. Your second post hit that nail on the head though, people as a whole are always looking for the easy way out. That starts at not exercising and eating crappy food, and ends with a pill that controls their cholesterol.

I would still point out that I do not think the above is a results of living in a capitalistic society. You can hardly fault people for trying to make money (in most instances), and while I do not agreed with many of the methods of big pharma (commercials on TV, docs shoveling drugs down people's throats due to incentives), I don't think the situation would be any better with a different type of socio-economic system in place.

Central planning has failed. Socialism bankrupts nations. Fascism makes the trains run on time, and little else. Like the man said, Capitalism ain't perfect, but it is the best option so far.
Of course personal responsibility should be #1, but unless there is real motivation for one to do it....most take the easy way out.

I don't blame capitalism, just noting that is one of the downsides (and there are plenty of I like making money like the next guy) to it. The people with the deepest pockets make the rules and control the stream of information....and sadly most of those people seem to lack real moral fiber. Advertising gets more credibility in the mainstream as the truth, which is sad considering how much is spent by pharmaceutical companies.

But...maybe that is what people need to shock them into personal have a system get to the point where it is f***'d up that there is no other choice.
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