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Default Practically freaking brilliant.

But did want to plug by way of personal attestation that Rippatoe's practical programming has rocked for me.

I just got back from a session where I hit three PRs, DL 1RM, Squat 3 RM and Press 3 RM. These "sorta maxes", (copyright DJ enterprises) are not notable except that this is the fourth Saturday in a row of at least one PR after switching to the intermediate program from PP. I'm following the "Texas style" periodization template. and doing a lot less volume than I was before.

looks like this:

Mon. Heavy (80-90%)

ladders (1,2,3) of squat and presses
and some heavy RDL's or deadlifts with a snatch grip

Wed light DL (75%1RM) and Front squats, 3x3 (75%) with and push presses 5x5

Saturday is work up to either 1RM or 3RM in all three lifts.

M/W/Sa I also play around with heavy ab work and pullups, Other days I do some OHS for mobility, walking with weighted vest, wee bit of bike riding jump rope. That's about it. Anyone on the fence about switching to a simple strength based program to work towards legit numbers in basic lifts should read up. You can get a similar advice for free but I'd advocate giving Rippatoe some shillings for the complete read.
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