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Default Lacrosse/Soccer strength and speed work

not sure where to put this but I recently signed on two brothers as clients. One is a sought after soccer player who is looking at Duke for after HS and the other is still undecided where to continue playing lacrosse but he has an academic scholarship that will pay for the first two years of his schooling no matter where he goes (I forget the scholarship name, but I remember looking it up and its a good one)

The parents aren't concerned with me coaching the kids in skills, they have coaches for that, but want them to increase strength, speed and stamina.

Here is how the first day looks for them:

High Knees
Walking Lunges with twist
Scapula Pushups
Shoulder Mobility

box jumps 3x20
quick feet 3 x 30 seconds (quick jumps with both feet together)
depth jumps 3x10

box squats 7x3
trap bar deadlifts 5x5
GHD Raises 3xMAX
Upper Body is next session

Speed Drills:
acceleration cone drill 5x (5 cones set up, accelerate at each cone)
weave in/out 5x (run to cone, side step to the next, back to the next, etc.)

Plank Holds 3xMAX time

Any suggestions, praise, criticism, advice would be appreciated.
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