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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post

Why separate upper body?

Grip strength for the Lax player. Sledge hammer rotations are probably most beneficial. I used to do those for lacrosse.
I separate because my sessions are one hour long and there isn't enough time to cram in everything I want to do in one session.

the lacrosse player bowed out anyway, the one kid doing it is a Soccer player who made all-county this year... his is a sophomore, he should make all-state next year.

OL? after I get him a base strength level. Right now getting him stronger and working on plyos will make him a better player already, down the road we'll add stuff to it.

Keep in mind that was only one session, todays. Not an overall template.

Harry, box squats do that my man. plus my cooldowns always consist of some pretty intense direct core work.
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