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Any glaring dysfunctions right off the bat?

Are you doing lower/upper/total or lower/upper/lower/upper...etc?

I'd think about the Bret Conteras glute stuff. Can try to nip any future hamstring problems in the bud. It'd be pretty easy to incorporate into the warmup for the first part and then adding 1-2 exercises for the rest of it. Something to think about.

Perhaps throw in a unilateral leg movement per session rather than box squats and trap bar DL's? Like box squats and single leg RDLS' one lower body day and then trap bar DL's and split squats the next time.

Being that this kid has no off-season and you want to work him without burying him I guess you will see how he responds to having the plyos, strenght stuff and speed drills all together.

BFS DOT drill? I'm a big fan of that just in general maybe a good addition when training a HS age kid?

Hope these help but if something seems like it's BS let me know. This is all conjecture on my part.
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