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Originally Posted by Joe Hart View Post
This sounds really naive...there are people that are like that? That just baffles me that some one could be that much of a meathead to think that watching UFC makes you even somewhat of a grappler. Oh well.
This is the bane of my athletic life.

I feel that I spend most of my time frustrated about how much shit I still don't know in grappling. Meanwhile these guys apparently have already got it all figured out. these are the street credentials to prove that you know grappling:

1. Tribal/skull/barbwire tattoos
2. shaved head/mohawk/something ridiculous
3. tattoo shirts (tapout, affliction, warrior, etc.)

Extra credit
1. sleeveless shirt

to put it in a more real world sense, if you go to a tournament, there is an inverse relationship between skill level and the before mentioned criteria. high level guys just look like normal dudes; normal like they're dressed to eat at a cookout. the dude who looks like an animal preppin for his match is most likely about to step out onto to novice division to prove his shit.

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