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I think you've got the right idea doing no endurance stuff. He'll have that covered by going to practice and doing games.

Originally Posted by James Evans View Post
Like single leg dls.
Loathe split squats*.
Step ups underated.
Ambivalent to lunges.

*Balance/comfort issues = Do I just suck at them?

All are time consuming and leave you sore.

I would expect a lot of single leg work to be coming in the speed/agilty drills and the skill work.
I think the single leg stuff should be kept to a minimum out of the warmup. If you've got time and energy out the wazoo, go nuts with single-leg stuff, but given that he is in-season all year, I'd rather spend valuable time and energy on the real money-makers - squats, deadlifts, cleans, etc, and leave the single leg stuff for the warmup/agility drills. And as above with endurance, he'll be doing a rep of single leg work every time he kicks the ball at practice - why do more in the weight room?
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