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Default Help deciphering blood test results

Am hoping someone can help.
I'm based in London, UK, and have recently had a blood test that has given the following result:

Cholesterol (Fasting) : 4.8 mmo1/1
Trigliceride : 0.62 mmo1/1
HDL : 1.37 mmo1/1
LDL : 3.15 mmo1/1

I'm finding it hard to compare like for like with the way blood test are typically displayed in the US. My doctor is now telling me to take Benecol daily to reverse the HDL/LDL numbers as the ratios are currently not good.

I have two questions:
1 - can anyone help me put these results into context - i.e. how good/bad are they?

2 - is there an alternative to Benecol, something with less additives?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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