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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post

1. It's all processed food so they could blind which is not very good.
I would assume this was done to prevent the subjects knowing the fat content of the different diets as this may have influenced the amount they ate.

2. they didn't even state which mono-unsats they used.
According to Appendix A they used olive oil, high–oleic acid safflower oil and safflower oil margarine for both diets.

3. 25% overconsumption was required.
No, an extra 25% was offered but it's consumption was not required -

"The diets offered contained 125% of the estimated energy requirement to allow self-selection of food quantity"

4. low fat diet had much more fiber
Unavoidable and addressed by the author -

"A low-fat diet will generally be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol and higher in dietary fiber than will a high-mono diet, so that the composition of the 2 diets in our study likely mirrored the composition of these diets as they would be eaten in the "real world.""

5. refined sugar was 10% in both diets
Not ideal I agree but it does reflect the real world diets of overweight diabetics and as it was the same for both diets it wouldn't have influenced the results.

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