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I have one of this guy's (Pederson) early versions of this thing. I didn't feel much from it over time.

Also, he loves to do that "balance/strength test" (one of the videos, I bet it's what they were doing in the mall). I think it may be a parlor trick...why?

Because when I'm doing one-leg stuff on my own, I notice no change in my balance whether or not I'm wearing it. I also don't seem to lift any more weight or get more reps than usual.

The MLM nature of it (the inventor has been with many MLM companies) also makes it suspect IMO.

A single, low-cost study demonstrating real-world benefits should not be beyond this company to do. I doubt we will see it...just more of the muscle tests.

I'd love to think it works, but I don't think it does.
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