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Originally Posted by Duncan Swain View Post
2 - is there an alternative to Benecol, something with less additives?
I don't know of any alternatives to Benecol worth recomending so I think you're just going to have to read the labels carefully if you want to avoid unnecessary additives. Anyway, here's a few links to some of the research on phytosterols and cholesterol -

Lowering cholesterol - A review on the role of plant sterols.

Stanol/Sterol Ester–Containing Foods and Blood Cholesterol Levels.

This final one is interesting as it suggests that the decreased carotenoid levels resulting from increased sterol intakes can be addressed simply by increasing consumption of foods high in carotenoids.

Impact of quality of dietary fat on serum cholesterol and coronary heart disease: focus on plant sterols and other non-glyceride components.
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