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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
I quit the week before. I was in killer shape to. I really busted my ass for about two months, lot's of sparring, cardio etc. I was feeling really great. I even had a really solid training session about 10 days before where I went about 6-8 three minute rounds with 3 different opponents.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, I finally had some clarity in my life and realized I can't do MMA anymore. I have other responsibilities and a hobby like MMA consumes me too much with the competitve aspect.
Damn dude, you don't have to drop the whole thing. Assuming you like the martial arts aspect and not just the fighting, you can still train and enjoy your hobby.

I quit Kenpo in my early 20s because I started to acquire responsibilities that kept me from being able to train 15 hours a week (and other stupid things). I didn't want any part of it if I couldn't be the best. I regret that decision to this day.

I found judo years later. I didn't really start competing until I was a brown belt (in judo, the divisions are below brown and brown + black, that's it). Every opponent I face has more experience and better technique than I do. This problem is compounded by the fact I only get to go to class once a week (if I'm not traveling), which isn't enough. I teach a Jap JJ class and mix in some occasional BJJ, but that's all I get for training.

I win some, and I lose some. Yeah, it's frustrating to lose to a 22 year old NCAA wrestler because I don't have time to condition like he does, but I'm happy just to be on the mat and still compete with the kids at 35. Schedule permitting, I may enter a NAGA tourney later this year if I can get some more mat work in.

It's all about managing expectations. My growth is limited by the constraints of adult life. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy the time I can spend.

Hopefully you can find some balance.

PS I also sold my MA library which really pisses me off today...especially since I have repurchased a few books I used to own.

Give it some thought. If you change your mind, I'll "buy" your library for $300, you keep the books, and we both get good feedback.
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