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Default Stephan's Training Log

Saturday 100220

First day logging workouts on the form in a while. Log is posted on another site but wanted to get feed back and input from this great group of "free thinkers" Will be following a program recommended by Glenn Pendlay for my age and skill level (after he watched some videos).

M / 240lbs / 6'2" / 39yrs

CJ: 105kilo (230#) x 1 x 10 OTM
Snatch: 70kilo (155#) x 1 x 10 OTM
Skipped FS today. Left knee was bothering me a bit
Pull-ups: 3 x 8, 6, 6
Back Extension 3 x 15
GHD Sit-Ups 3 x 15

The Clean felt good and technique and speed seemed to improve with each set. I had some difficulty with the Jerk. Timing seemed to be off as well as having trouble locking out.

Stayed conservative with the Snatch. Last week did 1x20 OTM with 82kilo but that was fresh. 70kilo was a good start after the CJ today. As with the CJ, technique and speed improved with each rep.

Monday 100222
Warm-up: 1000m row@2:00/500m pace + DROM + Snatch BB Complex
Muscle Sn + Tall Sn + Hang + Deck: 43kilo x 1, 52 x 1
2 Pos Sn 61kilo x 1
Snatch 75kilo x 1

Snatch 82kilo x 1 x 10 (OTM)

5 minutes rest - Stretch wrists and did some CJ progressions as warm-up for CJ

Clean & Jerk
105kilo x 1 x 10 (OTM

5 minutes rest - warmed up to squat weight

HBBS (A2A) 157 kilo x 3 x 3
Inverted Rows 3 x max reps (12, 8, 6)
Core - Knees to Elbows 3 x max

Comments: Missed a few reps of the snatch but was able to take a few seconds and then complete the lift. Overall felt good and as mentioned before, I can feel my technique and speed improve. The program is getting some interest from the others I train with. The clean portion of the lift feels fluid but I definitely need to work on the jerk. Out of 10 reps, only 4 felt good. I had difficulty getting a good split, locking out, and/or punching my chest through.

Wednesday 100224
Less sleep than desired over the last 2 days as well as diet being a bit off (not enough calories). Definitely felt it during tonight's workout

Warm-Up: 500m row at 2 min pace + DROM + Snatch Barbell Complex: (Snatch Press + Snatch squat thrust + Snatch Balance + Muscle Snatch) 20kg bar x 5 x 1, 40kg x 3 x 1 + 3 Pos Snatch 60kg x 1

Snatch: worked up to 90kg x 1, backed off to 75kg x 2 x 3
Jerk Practice (worked on speed, rack): 70kg x 3 x 5
Clean Pulls: 130kg x 3 x 3

Pressed for time tonight so I finished with rolling and stretching. Skipped Pull-ups and core work

- had difficulty receiving the snatch in a full squat....more of low power snatch.
- split speed and position was good tonight but it was pointed out to me that I don't lock out my right arm. I am assuming it has something to do with a previous injury to my right shoulder and wrist. After it was brought to my attention, I seemed to be able to correct it.
- I did not do the clean and jerk as recommended because I feel I need more work on jerk...not up to par with what I can clean. I will do heavy cleans OTM Friday and do jerks afterward.[/LIST]
Updated workouts will be listed soon
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