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James Bailey
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Default Wednesday 04.03.10

Went to Crossfit Basel today to check it out. I ran through their baseline conditioning workout.

Row 500m
40 Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Press Ups
10 Pull Ups


I beat my PR 500m time by ten seconds and got a solid 01:36, which I am pretty stoked about as I haven't done a proper 500 for about 3 or 4 months and have probably only rowed a few times during that period. I also got the third fastest time in the gym for that workout, not stellar really, but I have done zero metcon for 6 months. I lay on the floor for about an hour after seeing white dots, I forgot how brutal pushing a workout like that can be

After that I decided to try some squats with a belt as they have a nice one there, result...a PR.

BS 70x5, 110x3(belt on here), 130x2, 140xf, 140x1

Press 60x3x3,

CG OHS 70x3, 80x1

By the time I got to OHS I was pretty fucked so called it a day. I am heading back there for a training session on Friday, heavy cleans or PC, FS, Bench and DL, Looking forward to it!
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