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This transcript was PM'd to me by one of the faithful. (It is also posted elsewhere). Thanks!

Tony: Can you explain a little bit of what is that mechanism going on where we push and correct and hold back . . .

Couch: Itís a thresh . . . itís a threshold phenomena asmuchasicannahoho . . . overload concept forozo those old Weider d-d-days fans you know Muscle and Fitness . . .um I Iím a Iím taking a physiological parameter and Iím stressing it . . and uh its . . its . . control. And both neurologically and muscularly thereís an adaptation and response to that and its increased control at a at a at a reduced or same intensity. Its uh its uh at the heart too of every human endeavor where uh velocity is a critical complement, of course speed and movement is vital. Whether you are talking about thoracic surgery or typing or uh any any motor sport, you know, where going fast without crashing is inherently valuable. What you find is a tension between error and movement and the uh much uh prized uh velocity.
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