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"trick is very simple. When you're wearing the band, they push directly down on your hand. There is almost no angle. Then when you're not wearing the band, they alter the angle just slightly. It's nearly imperceptible, maybe they'll push down at a 2 or 3 degree angle. But that makes a huge difference in terms of your balance and center of gravity, and... you fall over."

Actually this wasnt the case at all, and muscle testing is a valid test as many people in the healthcare field use it.

The person performing the test was almost hanging from my arm the second time the band was applied and I didnt budge. I paid attention to where they placed their hand as well as how much pressure was exerted and it was identical each time. I then took the band off and placed it on my girlfriend and performed the test myself actually pulling down even harder on her arm when the band was applied...she never moved. We then had her put the band on my wrist and again for a 3rd time imitated the test getting the same results.

The more I talk to people the more I get mixed reviews so I would say it depends on the person performing the test as well as the individual having it performed on. I do know Dr G pretty much black boxes everything so I trust what he says.

Also, there was a lifetime money back garuntee...the lady told me even if I didnt like the way it looked or how many threads was in it I just bring it back and they give me my money back.
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