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David Glass
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Warmup... 5:00 on rower, 2 sets of 10 push-ups

5 rounds for time of
- 10 x 155# Push-Press
- 10 x ring rows
- 30 Double-unders

My Time... 24:45

Been sticking to may paleo-oriented diet, but I have been occasionally endulging in carbs like cake, bagels, granola bars, pancakes... this has been over the past 2 weeks.

I have gained about 5 lbs, but since the first 4 were pretty much overnight, I'm attributing most of it to the fact that I was simply dehydrated as a result of going overboard with calorie cuts

Although I have been enjoying the rushes carbs have given me over the few days, and feeling a lot more aggressive and strong as a result, I realized last night this is just perception. There are days where you feel stronger, but you aren't, and days where you just don't feel like you have it in you, and you end up breaking your own PRs

Last night I felt pretty strong, but all my energy faded in the third round of my WOD. I still pulled through, but I think that's a warning that the strategy of taking carbs might not be working.

I'm no longer going to endulge regularly on the breads, bagels, etc. Instead I will go back to taking milk, this time whole milk as opposed to 2%. I will start with a gallon a week and adjust calorie intake by adding more nuts and oils.
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