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David Glass
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- 5 minutes on rower
- 4 x 10 air squats (for stretching)
- 3 x 8 Goblet Squat
- 155# squat clean practice (never done this before as part of the wod, so I wanted to make sure it didn't demoralize me while the clock was running)


3 rounds for time of
- 8 x 155# Squat Clean
- 8 x 40 lb weighted ring dips
- 400 m run

My time was in the 25:00 range. Doing the squat cleans after the run was pretty much lights out every time I came out of the squat, so I'd have to dump it, recover, go for another rep.

I pretty much started the same way when doing 135# cleans, so I'm hoping I'll be doing my wods consistently with this weight in the future

Dips were pretty easy. I should have gone for 10 reps
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