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Default Pushing Progressions?

I have currently been experiementing with a progressive overload gymnastics routine. The purpose is to fit my school schedule and out of curiosity. The program started 2 weeks ago, on MWF I have performing 30 seconds of work in the static positions of the Planche, Back lever, Front Lever, and L-sit. On T-TR I perform 30 minutes of handstand work. Each week I add 5 seconds of work to the static positions on MWF. So far I have seen great progress.

With that in mind, I am currently at the adv. tuck for the back lever, and after 30 seconds of work I am pretty sore. However in my previous workout I was able to lower into a back-lever and hold for 7-10 seconds. I completed my 30 seconds of work with the full back lever. Today my elbows are still sore.

My question is that if I am able to execute the full back lever already, would it be necessary to continue with the progressions or just continue the rest of my workouts with the adv. tuck or straddle? I know this may seem like a stupid questions but I only ask because I was wondeing if the transition may not be giving my tendons enough time to adapt.

Thoughts or comments?
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