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Pat McElhone
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Where do you live? Many Fitness stores carry Body Solid KBs. I have paid between $1-$1.2/lb for these bells. In Chicago area, they are sold by Fitness Factory Outlet. Some of these bells are very, very good in quality (as good as Dragon Door's), other not so good (rough finish, handles too large for the bell). If you can avoid mail order, you will save a ton in shipping and ensure the bell is a good one before buying it.

I recommend you buy the book Enter the Kettlebell. It is a very good resource and a good starting point. Buy a 35lb bell and swing it, snatch it, clean and jerk it. If after that you really, really love it, the buy competition bells as you collection grows. But, you can get a lot of training out of 35lb bell. Good luck.
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