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Don Stevenson
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Monday PM

Still very stiff around the ribs from the strongman comp but decided to get stuck into training anyway.

Today was the first day of a 6 week cycle aimed at breaking the 600# DL barrier.

Additional goals for this cycle

BSQ - 220kg
BP - 145kg
PP - 120kg

Plan is to roughly follow the 6 week HFM template of Light, medium, max, max, medium, light weeks although i'm experimenting with doing some speed work as well as ME work because i think 4 heavy days a week might be too much for me.

Day 1 - ME day - light week

DL - 200kg 3x3
PP - 82.5kg 3x3
Chinups - 3x5
45 deg back ext - 3x6 40kg
KB swings 24kg 2 x 1:00 35, 33

Everything from my lower back to my ribs and pecs hurt today so this was a lot harder than it should have been.
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