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James Bailey
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Default Monday 08.03.10

SN 50x3, 60x1, 65x1, 70x1, 75xf, 75x1, 65x1x15 on the min

BS 60x5, 95x5, 122.5x5x3, 120x5

PP 60x3, 85x3x5, 82.5x3

RDL 105x10x2, 100x10

Pull Ups BWx10x3

Weighted Plank 25kg 1.20 x3

Good session today, feeling a better groove and second pull in snatches. Dropped a little volume in strength work so I do more oly work. I got some knees and elbow sleeves on Friday and they are really nice for squatting in, my right elbow is a bit joint sore and this has made it a bit better too. I think it is a bit of golfers elbow but not too bath later or tomorrow!
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