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Greg Davis
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Don't have any conclusive news on what I was/am experiencing, but thought I would give a quick update without getting in to to much detail.

On the MD side of things I managed to get a referral to an endocrinologist (one that is quite accomplished) so I am working through a bit of a process of elimination with them to see what could be going on hormonally to cause low RBC.

As for the ND, he gave me some good feedback but I had to pull the plug on that a bit prematurely as the cost/benefit there turned pretty quickly to be net stress producing based on the money it costs.. wish I could afford to fully follow through but not at the moment.

And on my own side of things I continue to be wary of anything that could lead to overtraining, made some helpful diet tweaks, and have a made a little progress on the sleep. Right in the thick of all this I made a pitch for a pretty amazing job opportunity that I stumbled upon- some unavoidable stress there- but managed to land it and so it doesn't hurt to have a boost in the career situation.
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