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Originally Posted by Pat McElhone View Post
Weighing in on the whole how high to swing the bell.

I think the best answer is to just lift the bell with a hip snap and let it travel however high it goes. It is all in the concentric and eccentric phases of the hip snap

CFish "American" Swing encourages people to use their arms. When people use their arms to pull a KB (or DB, plate, sandbag) whatever overhead, they are missing the entire point of training with a kettlebell.

DB Swings overhead for high reps is a good way to get someone to breathe hard, but again, breathing hard is not the main point of KB lifting.
This is it right here.

I spent some time working with a IKFF trainer drilling the swing along with the competition lifts and he pointed out that the swing should basically go as high as your hips will force it to go. It's not an arm exercise.

If you can legitimately snap your hips to get a KB overhead with no arm involvement other than to keep the 'bell from flying through the wall, you need a heavier bell.

I think the RKC makes a point that the bell should be actively pulled down when it gets to sternum height or so, by engaging the lats.

GS swings are different than RKC style swings on a couple fronts, but the basic premise is still the same.
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