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brandon: i was thinking free handstand, but now that you mention it, i guess it would be easier to weight supported.

garrett: this one's a little trickier than others. in another example, in my front lever work, i've been switching between full front levers and weighted tuck levers. i've been finding that i can sometimes feel a lot more activation when i weight a basic tuck lever just because i can adjust the pounds so that i hold it for the exact time i want. when doing a free front lever, i am really at the mercy of my limited ability. on a good day i can get some activation. on a bad day, i can't hold a lever long enough to feel anything.

with this being said, i'm not sure exactly what would technically be a harder handstand. i'm workin on ring handstands, but i guess that's not just an increased need for strength but also ring coordination and balance. i've also been trying handstands with straddled legs, but because i don't have a wide straddle, my hips fold when they approach parallel. thus this shifts my weight to slightly more of a planche, and therefore more strength rather than balance is required (although, a better straddle would help a lot).

I figured if i could just weight a basic handstand, then maybe i could get more stuff to activate.
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