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Thoughtful answers and what I expected. I completely accept that the swing should be driven from the hips and not muscled up with the arms. Teaching people to db swing properly really helps them to understand db cleans and snatches (and to a point push presses). The idea of not using the arms for everything is quite alien to some trainees.

I wanted to check that this wasn't purely an anti-CF prejudice (accepting the appalling shortcuts that are employed to achieve a given task).

However, I still don't see the problem with swinging to above head and recruiting the upper body to complete the movement.

DB Swings overhead for high reps is a good way to get someone to breathe hard, but again, breathing hard is not the main point of KB lifting.
Why are DB swings an appropriate tool for conditioning (breathing hard) and not KB swings?

If I throw a DB for distance, am I missing the point of DB lifting?

If I put one end of a barbell in the corner of a gym and perform FCTs, am I missing the point of barbell training?

If I clean a medicine ball, am I .... oh, hang on, scratch that.

Who defined the main point of KB lifting? The RKC? The IKFF?

It's a tool. And a very old one at that. Damn, if you want to curl the thing, do so. I love kettlebells but I dislike the mystical significance invested in their form.

I am playing devil's advocate now so don't take anything I've said personally. Besides, the dawn of the vIpr makes this all obsolete anyway.
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