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Default Weight for RDL's

Going through Coach Burgener's 4-day/week, 12 week program template, and he's got some RDL's on it. I've never done them really before, so I'm totally unsure what to put in the "MAX" column for RDL's. I presume I don't put in my max DL, but I've never really heard of someone doing a 1RM RDL either...

To give an idea, I'm about 175# (on the heavy side now, normally 160-165 "fightin" weight), deadlift 400, clean 195, snatch 130 (aka, I'm not all that good at this stuff still).

Any idea what I should be putting in there? He's got a set of 8 at 85% programmed on day 2, so want to get a good idea before I go.
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