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i've found that for me personally, it's better to use more weight at the hips than less weight at the end of the feet. for example, if i'm doing hanging leg raises, strapping weight at my ankles hardly feels harder. if i use a weight belt at the hips though, the motion becomes crazy harder. i think it's because i'm used to locking out legs when playing open guards in BJJ, but i'm not forced to thrust my hips in these guards to the same extent that a manna or, in this case, weighted hanging leg lift requires.

i guess i feel that if i put weight on the ends of my feet in a handstand, it would make the balance more of a challenge when i really just wanna increase the strength demands. ring handstands are a hard enough balance demand as it is.

maybe if i could just strap a plate to my face.....jk.....or am i.....
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