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Originally Posted by James Evans View Post
Pat, I do hope you realise that I'm pulling your chain. Mostly.

You mentioned the DB swing but seemed to imply that a similar action with a KB was a misuse of that particular tool. I found that interesting.

So we should just narrow our sonditioning options to sprints and burpees? I'll shoot Ross Enamait an email to that effect.

And please, don't make the assumption that I am nothing but the awesome at swinging a kettlebell above my head.

I know you are mostly pulling my chain, no worries.

Let me clarify my point. Contrary opinions are valued. A DB swing is a decent exercise. A KB swing is a better exercise. Using the arm to pull a DB/KB Swing overhead is a good exercise. Allowing the bell to swing however high it will using only a hip snap is a better exercise.

I do not know what Ross Enamait has to do with this. If you want, shoot him an e-mail to get his opinion on this....that exercises done chosen to be used in conditioning circuits primary usefulness is in developing muscular endurance in that particular muscle group first, next depending on the exercises in the complete circuit global (aka cardio-respiratory) endurance may or may not be developed.

Said plainly using CF WODs as an example, I do not think going "Grace" as Rx'd has a training effect that is significantly different then doing 50 Burpees, "Fran" or just sprinting 800M all out. The training effect is nothing more then to place the body in a global oxygen debt for 2-3min. Again, if you think "Grace" offers other benefits, I would love to hear your opinion on what those benefits are.

Finally, I will assume nothing. Ross Enamait is no more (or less) an authority of training then Greg Everett, James Fitzgerald, Greg Glassman, Mark Twight, Dan John, Bruce Lee, John Jesse, or my favorite strength and conditioning coach Mike Gattone. None of these guys have the definitive right way. They all have a way that has worked for them and their athletes. Their way may or may not work for you and me.


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