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My sips of the Koolaid have been furtive, brief and irregular. I'm not even certain what Grace is (30 snatches for time?). Not everyone on this board is a CF rebel.

You spent some time at the chalkboard, it helped your football but now you've decided to focus on other things. Good for you. But don't dismiss throwing light stuff around because it doesn't suit your goals. And the 'we should strive to do a few things very well, not a lot of things mediocre' line is somewhat patronising. How many months of CF did it take for you to come to that opinion? Might have saved yourself some time if you'd just defaulted to sprints and burpees.

I totally accept the reasoning behind the purely hip driven KB swing but I think you can gain appreciable benefits out of the swing to above head and it doesn't just have to have conditioning applications.

I believe many people favour the KB swing over the DB swing because of the comfort of grip. And many people find the overhead swing awkward or uncomfortable full stop.

Finally I believe that many people will dismiss an exercise by association with CF. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. I am interested whether people's preference was:

a) that's what felt good;
b) they read about it or were taught that way;
c) CrossFit does it so it must be bad.

As I said, curiosity on my part.

Now I've shown extreme discourtesy to Mike who posted an innocent question about KBs by crashing it with an inane argument so I think we should shake hands and bow out.
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