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Default Starting Strength and Met-con

I've read Rippetoe's FAQ and the piece in Practical Programming where he mentions that high intensity glycolytic exercise can be used alongside weight training without significantly reducing strength gains. What would be the best way to apprach this? Long/short intervals, what kinds of rest periods, how much volume? Are monolithic exercises like running/rowing best? (Sled dragging is not an option) My main concern is over doing it, I want to keep this complementary to the strength training without holding back unecessarily. I have a tendancy to go all-out, crash and burn then repeat and I'd like to avoid this.

Other pertinant information, I'm doing the SS begginers program after coming off a non-exercise back related injury with about 6 weeks completely off and then 2 weeks of circuit type training to get back into things. Also, I will be lifting once every 72 hours, not the traditional 3x/week so this would probably fall on the day after weight lifting.
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