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Don Stevenson
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Thanks for the input guys.

To clear up a couple of things.

I don't take any AAS and anything that even looks like an AAS precursor or whatever is banned in Australia. You can buy Tribulus but that's about it.

As much as i'd like to add one thing at time to my plan at the moment i'm going to just dump a bunch of stuff in and see how i go with my next training cycle.

I went out today and picked up the following

L- Glutamine
Vit D3
Endura electrolyte drink with magnesium in it

Fortunately a friend of mine owns a supplement store because some of this stuff isn't cheap here in Aus!

He also recommended GABA over ZMA for sleep / GH increase. Any opinions on this?

Also dose wise this is what i'm planning

Multivitamin - 1 per day
Fish oil - 4g before bed
D3 - 4000IU per day
Creatine - 20g x 5 days loading then 5g/ day
L Glutamine - 3-5g post workout
BCAA mix - 2.2g post workout
Protein - WPC 40g 3x a day
Endura - 2 scoops post workout = 320mg magnesium, 80mg calcium, 240mg potassium
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