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It was a great day to be outside!

February 10, 2010
1. Warmup
jump rope - 100 singles, 10L/R, 50 singles, 15L/R, 30 singles
400m jog - 1:45
Sprint warmup: 2 sets x 15m's
high knees
butt kicks
lateral shuffle
a skips
strides - 50m, 50m

2. Energy
5 x 100m @ 80% w/ 4 minutes rest
400m walk
active assisted hamstring stretch - 3 sets of 6 per leg

-Decided to sprint today, not terrible, legs felt like lead on my the jump rope today though.
-During my sprint rests I was helping the kids workout as they wished, like wheelbarrow followed by some KB lifting, Hunter wanted me to hold his feet while he did a wheelbarrow using the ab wheel. Fun stuff.
-On a proud Dad note, Connor who is 4 and weighs...maybe 45 #'s picked up my 24kg KB for 4 reps. I was shocked to even see him do one!
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-Kelly Starrett
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