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Originally Posted by Mike Kerce View Post
if you're not training for or participating in competition, is there any reason to buy competition KBs? i'm just trying to get into kb training and i want to buy quality equipment, but what should a newb be looking for when buying KBs? does it matter, or should i just pick up what i can find and give it a whirl? thanks to any that can provide some advice.

Perhaps someone can chime in on any quality issues with these, but I recently purchased some cap barbell kettlebells from that I am happy with. Obviously not competition bells, but the price was really good and you can have them shipped to a local Walmart store to save on shipping. Since shipping can amount to much of the cost of the bell, you can save a lot of $$$.

I also purchased Steve Cotter's Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting and have been finding it a good source of info.
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