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Default Trouble with the snatch...

You know, I look at all these videos of people doing snatches and it's almost like their arms barely bend. To me it looks like they're arcing around the bar, and the elbows only bend slightly as the arms become perpendicular to the barbell on the way down.

How's that work out? My form is not that great (dare I say horrendous?), the bar goes out in front of me, I'm not sure if I'm pulling with the arms, but if I watch a video of me doing it, it looks nothing like the ones I see else where.

I have long arms for me height (stand 6'1", arm span is maybe around 6'5"? Or was it 6'8"? I don't know), but don't think this should affect it so much. Why's it look like others are swinging around it, just a trick to my greenhorn eye?

On a positive note, I bashed myself in the head today with the bar trying to work on snatch technique What are some methods people have used to improve form? I've heard duct tape on the elbows? I got Dan John's DVD, which has some nice cues, seeing what else is out there until I can get to a seminar. (I'm up in Massachusetts, Northeastern part).
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