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Originally Posted by john smith View Post
When eating low carb paleo, what is a reasonable amount of carbs to limit oneself to in order to achieve ketosis? I've heard ~60 grams for the average size male, but I find it hard to consume enough calories while only consuming 60 grams of carbs per day. Maybe I'm just choosing the wrong foods.. Any thoughts on this would be helpful. Thanks.
Why do you want to induce ketosis? Regardless of the athlete, ketosis will eventually develop when intake is under 100 grams of CHO/day.

I think there are some benefits to ketosis at times, but if you want to actually be strong and perform well I would not encourage this.

Darryl's #'s work out to ~2.7-4.5 grams/lb per day. That's fairly high.

If you are merely trying to maintain weight, a decent place to start is something like 1.5 grams of carb/lb, 1 gram of protein/lb, .5 grams of fat. 2900 caloris/day is equal to approximately BW x 15- a good starting point for maintenance. (In this case BW X 15 = 3000, close enough)

For a 200 lb person we've got 300 CHO, 200 PRO, 100 Fat
Adjust intake of macros up or down from there.
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