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Originally Posted by Patrick Poblocki View Post
Anyway, although I've felt good in most respects, this weird thing has been happening for the past two weeks (i.e., as soon as I've dropped below 100g carbs): As soon as my head hits the pillow my heart starts racing and the eyes start twitching. I feel like I'm having a "fight or flight" response. I feel really jacked-up. So, I toss and turn for a couple hours before dozing off. My energy throughout the day, though, is fine. I'm humming!

I experimented and the last two days I increased my carb load to about 35% of my diet (more Zone-like Paleo I guess) and I've slept well...
I think you answered your own question about whether or not to eat more I would want my sleep.

Why it is happening? Too many hormones and neurotransmitters going on to guess....but listen to your body.

You can get to single digit BF just fine with more carbs, just make sure they are all "real food" (no breads and sugar) and keep calories in check.
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