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Default Job offer I couldn't refuse

I was working for myself for a long time as a trainer, so when I saw this opportunity come up I had to go after it.

I got hired at a local gym (large gym with expansion in mind) as a trainer/director of special programs (sports conditioning and CrossFit - they are doing to put a "box" in the gym and go after that market as well and I'll be the man to have the say in programming and marketing). And trust me when I say when this CF box is up and ready, it will not be the typical "chippers and once a week strength work" box... It will be a lot better than that.

The income and advancement opportunity is amazing, of course the hours are long. M-Th I'm there 12 hours a day, F-Sat about 4 each. But they have an incredible system of generating clients for PT and the numbers are there, it isn't the typical gym where you go in and a trainer has to scour for leads, they create leads out of every member with the way they do it.

Of course now I have to train at 5AM and pack a lot of food to munch on throughout the day, and my only day I have for free time is really Saturday afternoon and Sunday. But such is life... especially living on Long Island, it isn't cheap to live here and quite frankly I can reach FAR more people working for this place than I EVER can on my own.

My website pretty much tells any local clients to stop by the gym to train with me, and a few people have so far.

The good side is that I am offline a lot more, hence I have a life. .

I always prided myself on doing it my own way and being independent, but this was too good of an opportunity to pass up and I can make my mark a lot better, and bigger, this way. Plus I have the 100% backing and faith from the owner. That says a lot.
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