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exactly, Robert... stuff I thought about doing was jumping squats, box jumps, lower weight high rep squats for strength endurance.

I'm doing medball overhead throws for power, walking on hands in a pushup position (back and forth, and up and down a 45# plate) as well for rotational strength. I am not a fan of cables and specific rotational exercises, I feel that by doing the hand-walking exercise you work the rotational muscles just as well, plus add strength and core strength as well from having to hold the pushup position doing them. I am adding in slam balls as well. Anything that I can use to generate upper body power, especially in the rotations.

lower body power is pretty cut and dry, they don't need lateral mobility, just plain explosive power.

they have plenty of aerobic endurance, their father works with them constantly in the pool and the youngest one can swim almost 3 laps underwater without coming up for air according to him. They are very tall girls, 5'11" and 6' tall, long and lean. My job is to make them more explosive and stronger...

I just googled the youngest daughter out of curiousity, she has been competing since she was 6 and has some impressive times. I like getting athletes like this, its a challenge and a lot of fun to watch them improve and see some tangible results in competition. I really had to sell myself to the dad to convince him that I was the best guy to train his daughters, it wasn't easy... he looked at me and had the impression that I was strictly a strength guy (I'm 6'2" 255# at 12% BF) and wouldn't know how to train a swimmer. After I explained to him exactly what I would do and why, he said, "that is the same kind of training that a lot of the top coaches recommended she do"... so its good to know that I know my shit.

Thanks for the input, that is appreciated a lot.
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