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James Bailey
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Default Monday 15.03.10

SN 50x3, 60x1x3, 65x1

BS 60x5, 90x5, 120x3, 110x5

PP 60x3, 80x3, 85x1

Jerk 90x1, 95x1, 90x2

RDL 90x10

Had a vicious cold come on last Thursday, I think it might have been the beginnings of flu as I had no appetite for 3 days and a slight temperature. Anyhow I skipped training on Friday and took about 15 grams of vitamin C per day plus extra D and Zinc, took contrast baths and showers, slept all day and watched movies. I started getting my appetite back properly yesterday. I still have a chesty cough and am a little blocked up in the head but decided to train today anyway, take a light week, just do what I feel I can on the day then hit it heavier next week. It felt ok today, a little heavy but good to get moving. I have dropped my vitamin does down but they are still fairly high.

I am getting two belts and a bunch of supps from the UK this week. One velcro belt and one sturdy leather belt to see which I prefer for which lifts, I am going to assume that I can only use the leather one for slow lifts but my use the velcro one for everything if it works well. I recently bought some knee and elbow sleeves, really nice to lift in, I am liking the supportive gear.
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