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I completely forgot about this thread.

Yea I ordered a schiek and it came in within a couple weeks but the sizing was way off but customer service was excellent and they switched it out for a another one really quickly. I've been using it for a while now, pretty much with each of the big lifts except the bench and the olympic lifts. It has provided a lot of support for my lower back and has definitely helped me improve posture with heavier loads as I don't lean over that far forward anymore in the squat. It's a comfortable belt, but it does not have a quick release prong like leather belts would have so you can't take it off immediately after a heavy set, after the velcro straps together, there is another strap that loops through a small d-ring which further tightens the belt.

It is very good quality though and comes with I think a two or three year no questions asked warranty so they stand by their product I think. I like it.
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