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Default Starting sprinting

Hello everyone,
Some time ago I posted this thread about 100m and 200m sprint.
My friend and I decided to follow the 14-day cycle as follows (thanks Scott Kustes):

1 - Speed
2 - Heavy lifting
3 - Short Metcon
4 - Rest
5 - Plyometrics
6 - Short Metcon
7 - Rest
8 - Speed-Endurance
9 - Heavy Lifting
10 - Short Metcon
11 - Rest
12 - Tempo
13 - Heavy Lifting
14 - Rest

The "Short Metcons" are being replaced by speed and speed endurance work.

We have been focusing on strength during the winter and thus haven't been running for 6 months and thus or cardiovascular system is crap. We tried 200m sprints with 4 min rest in between today and stopped after 2 sprints. We got sick. Any idea how to start easily but build up fast to do the drills Scott Kustes is talking about in his article "Speed-Training for the Non-Track Athlete"?

Is the above 14-day template still the optimal template for track athletes?

My friend and I have previously been in pretty good cardiovascular shape (3000m Cooper test), so how long do you think it would take?

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