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Originally Posted by Rafael Susigan View Post
Hello everyone, I intend to follow the guidelines of the "Mass Program" and would like to incorporate the Crossfit Wod.

I've been reading and saw that the best is perhaps to the Crossfit Wod of "Gant's Hybrid programs" that is so heavy metcon.

But I have some questions, how to choose the Wod? For he can not be totally random.
Or do Wod posted on and I climb it?
Wod in same day of the program ofr mass?

I choose the Wod according to what I will train in, its right ?

I want to train 3x/week, or 4x. 1on 1off. prioritizing my rest for the program of mass.

I want to do IF (intemmiten fasting 16h) in the days not training, adopting a Paleo, I intend to still do the calculations in kcal,% ptn, carb etcc ..
Gant's program is good. If you want to get bigger i would only do conditioning once to twice per week tops and keep it very short. If you read his post he has good programming ideas. I would recommend finding a sled to push because it will kick your butt and make you stronger, but it should be done in intervals with rest and not for an extended period of time. Or find a heavy bag, or do some strong man type work etc.

Dont do the crossfit wod, you will not gain size unless you are new to working out and it will hamper strength gains.

3x a week is optimal in my opinion. Ditch the IF, you will need to eat, constantly. If you REALLY want to do it then look at for ideas. If not going paleo doesnt hurt you then feel free to stray from that. McDoh's dub-chee's and Chik-fil-A milkshakes, pizza, chinese buffets, etc. are your friends.

Any more advice can be found in the link below.
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