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I truly and I mean this enjoyed the way you laid everything out. That being said. I got nothing for you productive except for asking is improving your lifts more important then being a better crossfitter?

If so you need to back off your weights by starting at a lower precentage, focus on lifting heavy stuff by using a template that works (5/3/1, Texas, Mass Gain) and make incremental linear progress. I decided that was the route I was going to take and have made marked improvement in everything since I stopped trying to be a crossfitter and just focus on lifting.

Looking at your numbers we are fairly close in everything except BS. I have had struggles with my shoulder girdle as well this last year. I was diagnosed with scapular dyskensia and went to PT. That made a huge difference. After that I trained with David Whitley in TN and he taught me how to press without moving my scapula. Those two things helped a ton. I know how frustrating it can be with a movement problem.
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